In two days, the Cybathlon 2020 takes place. Due to the pandemic, it was postponed several times from its original date in May. And all of us can join, too!

Instead of holding the competitions in the Swiss Arena in Kloten like last time, due to the circumstances there will be a virtual format this time: the teams from all over the world will complete and film the competitions "at home" under...

At the Community, we love to hear your stories! Recently, we learnt from the wife of a patient from the Swiss Paraplegic Centre about their exciting project: a YouTube channel called "Rolling Ever After with Nick & Anthi".

Nick and Anthi from Greece started the YouTube channel in May this year to document their journey as an interabled couple. Usually every Friday, they share a new video...

The Neflix documentary "Rising Phoenix" tells the extraordinary story of the Paralympic Games. From the rubble of World War II, they developed into what is now the third biggest sporting event on the planet. Still today, the Paralympics continue to have a positive influence on how people around the world think about disability, diversity and human potential. Watch the trailer:

"A picture is worth a thousand words."

How about blank pages? Recently, a blank book has been released to express the absurdity people with disabilities are experiencing every day, as there is still much ignorance about disability in UK.

The book "What non-disabled people know about disabled people", written by Sandip Sodha, a Londoner with cerebral palsy, went on market since mid-June...


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What is a badge?

Badges, similar to ranks, are awarded based on your level of activities in the Community. The type of activity is decisive: each badge you receive gives you a hint why you deserve it. Check yours and other members’ profiles to see the earned badges. This way, you can also guess what strengths...

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