The Swiss society of paraplegia (SSoP) has published a recommendation for people with paraplegia regarding vaccination against COVID-19. First things first: From the point of view of the SSoP, vaccination against COVID-19 is generally highly recommended.

Based on the current level of knowledge, people with a spinal cord injury do not have a generally increased risk of severe cases of COVID-19. Their vaccination should be prioritized due to the additional diseases (comorbidities) and increased susceptibility to pulmonary complications, in particular in people with tetraplegia or high-level paraplegia.

As with all vaccinations, vaccine urgency must be weighed up against vaccine tolerance on a case-by-case basis, with the risk of an expected severe case of COVID-19 and the presence of known chronic diseases being relevant factors.

To obtain individual details on the procedure, people with a spinal cord injury should contact their GP or their preferred spinal cord medicine centre.

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