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Soon it won’t be a dream anymore to car-share as a wheelchair user. Recently, the world’s first car-sharing system for wheelchair users called “WheeM-i” has been showcased at the GITEX Technology Week in Dubai.

The concept of WheeM-i is pretty much the same like Mobility, the car-sharing service in Switzerland. There’ll be an app where users can book and get real-time information about their...

Swiss Handicap will take place again in Lucerne this year on 29th and 30th November with the theme “work”. Over 100 exhibitors will gather at this unique national trade fair to promote independence and inclusion of people with disabilities.

Our Community will join this year’s event with a 20-minutes-talk given by Johannes, our Community Manager, on Saturday the 30th at 13.30. You can also...

Last-minute preparation is rarely possible for people with disabilities. However, it’s feasible this year for children with disabilities who like to dress up for trick or treat.

Target, one of the largest retailers in the US, has been introducing adaptive clothing for kids since 2017. Now, the company has added a line of inclusive and adaptive Halloween costumes for kids aged 2 to 15. The...

Recently, a paralysed man known as Thibault has been able to walk again using a mind-controlled exoskeleton suit during a clinical trial at Clinatec research centre in Grenoble, France. He has joined the clinical trial since 2017. Before his attempt with the exoskeleton, he has been practicing with the two sensors implanted on his brain on a virtual character in a computer game.


Remember Shane & Hannah: the interabled couple we reported earlier this year? They got engaged just months after in June! In August, the couple took off to their second overseas trip together in…POLAND!

Before their trip, they were told by many that Poland is not that accessible for travelers in wheelchair. But is that true? Here’re their stories:

With 14 million people living with a disability in the country, the UK Prime Minister announced new measures last week to address the inequalities these people face. These measures include higher accessibility standards for new housing, greater workplace support for disabled people, new cross-government disability team and more.

Full details about the new measures:

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