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40 Fawwaz 2023-01-03
What is the cause of all disease?
Why and what? The olden people are still lived age upto hundred years now the age was limited upto sixty to fifty years in past there or least...
1 Johannes 2023-01-03
5688 marcomonteverdi 2015-07-13
Life after operation
Hi,my name is Marco and I have a C4-C5 SCI.On the 20th of April I received an operation in St. Gallen to remove some of the scar tissue of injury...
3 Dr._Hans_old 2015-07-20
5303 neilvdm_old 2015-05-05
Second opinion
Hi,I'm now going on to 5 months post my SCI. Maybe I'm just impatient but I need to get some advise. Here comes my story... December I had a...
3 Dr._Hans_old 2015-05-07