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  3. Tuesday, 03 January 2023

Why and what?

The olden people are still lived age upto hundred years now the age was limited upto sixty to fifty years in past there or least disease now there are many disease "why and what" will be the reason

Because, I'm asking for the future generations what will be there age limit for life

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Hi Fawwaz,

Welcome in our Community for people with spinal cord injury (SCI)! Thanks for your post. Unfortunately, I'm not exactly sure what is your question and how it is connected to the topic of SCI: Would you like to know the life expectancy of people with SCI compared to people without SCI? Or would you like to know why the life expectancy has increased in the general population although there are many diseases?

If the latter, the reason is basically that there have been many progresses in medicine and hygiene in the last centuries, which allow many people to avoid or survive health conditions, which in older times once would have caused their death. It is, however, difficult to predict which age we can still reach in the future; for sure there is a biological limit, which we cannot overcome even with all technical progress.

Is this what you asked for? If not, could you maybe reformulate the question?

Thank you, kind regards,


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