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Barrier-free Travel in Germany

Discover Germany – with these websites!

Discover Germany – with these websites!

Summer is here and time for vacation! For many, planning a holiday can be painstaking, not to say if you are to travel with wheelchairs or assistive devices. To help people with disabilities to travel with joy and ease, authorities and non-profit organizations have been developing websites and apps to offer useful tips and information for people to plan their next barrier free trips. “BarrierFree Germany” is among one of those websites.

Developed by the German National Tourist Board and supported by the embassies of the Federal Republic of Germany in London and in Dublin, BarrierFree Germany is an English website with extensive travel information within Germany, which guides travelers through the country without barriers and stress-free. With just a few clicks, you will find information of what to do in different federal states or cities in Germany including further information on accessible travel offers, travel brochures and contact information, where you can seek more detailed travel advice and assistance from the authorities for your upcoming trips.

Barrier free travel in Germany made possible with the informative websites developed by the German National Tourist Board.

Travel doesn’t have to be far away but it has to be accessible! Explore and experience barrier-free Germany:

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Have you had your holiday planned? Or are you already back? Would you like to share your experiences? We’d love to read your stories!

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