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Assistive Technology

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  2. Assistive Technology
  3. Monday, 15 May 2023

Hello everyone

After much research and countless alleged special backpacks for wheelchair users, I have always come to the conclusion that they:

A: Are expensive and the only advantage is that you can easily attach them to the wheelchair, but in the end it remained more or less an ordinary backpack.

B: You only filled it with things you needed on a daily basis, like catheters, medicine, books, and a few personal items, but every time you needed it, you had to empty the whole bag. back before you could find what you were. seek might find.

Who doesn't know that?

What if I told you that after a lot of research and tinkering, I have now found the perfect backpack?

It is awesome. Has several separate compartments (see photos), several compartments and all easy to grab and hang on the wheelchair.

It provides an organized space for catheters/accessories/medicines/personal items/books and tablets, and even the bottle.

It's a very ordinary photographer's backpack, the one I own can be found in stores for CHF 69.- online or in markets like FNAC / Mediamarkt / Galaxus etc. etc

I hope I have been able to propose an idea to one or the other Para/Tetra colleague. And stay open to more questions or advice. Keyword Tips and Tricks, I will try to add something new here every week, as I have a lot of experience. I look forward to your feedback, and of course your discussions, as well as your ideas such as tips and tricks in all areas.

Best Regards 


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Dear Franz

This really sounds like a great idea! Thank you very much for sharing it with us.

We are also looking forward to more tips and tricks from you and from other Community members 😊.

Kind regards


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