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  3. Saturday, 12 August 2023

Dear community friends,

today we are talking about catheterization and drinking protocol.

Who doesn't know this: When you have a checkup for your bladder, such as a urodynamic examination, the doctors often want you to keep a log for at least 3 days of when you drink, when you catheterize, and most importantly, how much you drink and how much urine has been passed.

All this is not always easy, especially since you are not always at home and have a sheet or a pen at hand.

But now I have found the perfect solution, namely digitally through an app. This app is available for Apple IOS as well as for Android.

The name of the app is: "Urinote".

For me by far the best and most helpful app. It is very simple: every time you drink, you can enter it, both the time and the amount you drink, and add a note such as water, coffee, wine, etc. The same with catheters: the exact time of the ISK and the amount that came out, and a note is also possible here, like headache, heart palpitations or anything else.

This is logged, and you can then print it out right away as a PDF and give it to the doctor, also goes by email etc. Not only does it log perfectly, but it also creates a chart. In this way, accurate values can be given, which is a valuable help for the urology doctors etc.

But not only that: I also use the app myself on a daily basis, because it helps me look at when I last catheterized or drank, how much urine I drained or how much I drank.

The app is completely free, only now and then you get ads, but no more if you pay 10.- CHF for it once. (I think this developer deserves this small investment).

I hope I could give you a helpful tip with this.

Kind regards


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