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  3. Thursday, 30 March 2023

Dear community - Following the earthquake, the number of newly injured people requiring wheelchairs and crutches has multiplied in Turkey and Syria.

GADRA (global alliance for disaster resource acceleration) collaborates with other disaster recovery groups ( like International Red Cross) to increase resources  for those with disabilities before, during and after disasters. You can read more about their efforts here:

Türkiye and Syria 3/17/2023 Update - World Institute on Disability (

Please let me know if you have interest in donating a used wheelchair or crutches for this cause, or to help spread the word. Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you


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Hello Vjames

Welcome to our community

Thank you for addressing this important issue of how to help people in need in Türkiye and Syria with assistive devices. Hopefully, you will get some donations in this way.

The link you provided does not work for me but I would be interested to know more about your organisation, could you provide some more information about it here?

Best regards


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Vjames Freshman
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Hello Franz - Yes of course. I do not work for GADRA but have voluntarily supported their efforts in the past.

I attach their March update summarizing needs for those in Turkiye and Syria. Of the list, they specifically asked if I could help them secure wheelchairs and crutches. Given my husband's time at Nottwil in 2018 and 2019 and his continuing as an outpatient - I thought SPZ would be a good place to make a request.

Any other ideas are also welcome - example if anyone has any contacts with manufacturers of wheelchairs.



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Hallo V James 

Thank you for your answer

I apologize in fact it was a browser problem for me that I could not open the link.

But now it worked best.
I wish a lot of success.
its Nice you/organization help in the world, everyone in need should always be able to get help.

best regards


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