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The kick-ass supermarket checkout

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The kick-ass supermarket checkout

Do you know Fink+Bürgi vs. Aldi? We have Francesco vs. Lidl!

Our member @Francescolife had the following problem: His Lidl store in Courgevaux in the canton of Fribourg did not have a wheelchair-accessible checkout. Each time he went shopping at the store was strenuous and dangerous. He wanted to change that – watch the video to see what he did:

The Community’s reactions to Francesco’s initiative can be found in this forum post. Because of the many great comments and to celebrate his achievement, we have recorded this video with Francesco. We think he did a kick-ass job! Smiley Wink

We are looking forward to your comments!

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Wow dear Johannes 

so cool, that’s now the move on different languages! 

Dear community I’m so proud member for this suplime teams. Thanks yours so much 

lovly Francesco