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Community Challenge 1: Image

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Community Challenge 1: Image

In order for you to get to know the Community and its functionalities, we give you a few tiny tasks to fulfill. Challenge 1: upload a profile image.

Do you find your way in the Community? Have you checked out the different things you can do here? If not, we have a few tiny tasks for you. Our first challenge: upload your own profile image.

In the Community, we work hard to keep it inspiring and free-spoken. That’s why every member can upload a personal profile image. Do you know how? Try to do it, and comment below with a few words, so we can check out your picture. We’re looking forward to seeing all the new faces. Smiley Happy

Yours, Johannes

New Contributor

Re: Community Challenge 1: Image

I did upload a face photo and it says needs approval by you. What are the criteria? I hope I will pass them :3

Community Manager

Re: Community Challenge 1: Image

Hi Jivko

The problem was that your mail address was not confirmed yet so the image could not be uploaded. Now it worked I see.

Generally, you don't need any approval from anyone before you upload an image. The message you got will be changed accordingly.