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Adaptive apparel for all

Do you need fashion help? We have you covered.

Do you need fashion help? We have you covered.

There is a popular saying: “Life isn´t perfect but your outfit can be.” It means: although one may experience stress from everyday demands, such as work, family or even dealing with a disability, fashion can act as a means of freedom and self-expression. It only makes sense that we have the ability to choose from a variety of different types, brands and styles of clothing.

Wheelchair users may have a difficult time finding suitable clothing tailored to their personal needs. Adaptive clothing will allow its wearer to practice self-care and to feel more comfortable. It’s also beneficial for caregivers as it provides nonrestrictive garments which are easily dressed and undressed. When purchasing adaptable clothing and accessories online you should put special attention to quality materials, fabrics, and proper fasteners. It’s also important that the clothing

  • fits well,
  • is built to last medically and fashionably,
  • offers a broad range of sizes and styles that suit one’s unique mobility and range of motion,
  • and, of course, makes the wearer feel great about themselves.

The following list of websites is a compilation of several fashion and accessory companies which focus on adaptive clothing. All of them have pieces which are available for purchase online.


Silvert’s, a 87-year-old company, offers custom clothing design for wheelchair users with difficulties to dress in regular conventional clothing. The website is well-organized and easy to navigate. It’s even possible to shop according to the health condition or disability. Additionally, the site offers resources such as videos demonstrating dressing tips. The company works with ‘VELCRO’ brand to provide the best materials and durability of the clothing. Worldwide shipping is available, as well as free catalogues.

Able2Wear –

According to the website, Able2Wear is “the UK’s leading supplier of wheelchair and adaptive clothing for all ages ad all degrees of ability”. The company sells a range of items, including adaptive women's suits, shirts, trousers and outdoor wear. The company also features unisex garments which can be worn by men or women. Able2Wear’s focus is primarily on seated customers but they also offer adaptive clothing for other disabilities. Additionally, there are a number of accessories, including large cup holders, specialty angled cutlery, clip ties, travel bags for wheelchairs and waterproofs. The brand reports that extensive research has been utilized in the creation of their garments.

The Able Label

The Able Label provides quality, stylish clothes with adapted designs and hidden extras which make self-dressing easier for those with dressing difficulties. The clothes have been made for women with physical impairment and cognitive difficulties, although the company claims that people of all abilities are purchasing them. A nice feature of all garments is the discretion of fastenings or alterations which make dressing easier. Many reviews state that The Able Label’s clothing is ideal if your movement is limited.

Adaptawear –

Adaptawear offers comfort clothing which is designed to make dressing easier and make independent living more doable for wearers. According to the website, the clothes are the result of research with occupational therapists, care specialists, the elderly and disabled. The brand offers discreetly adapted clothes, ladies and men’s daywear and nightwear. European deliveries are an option with a delivery fee of £8.50-£10.00 (11-13 CHF).

Rollitex Berlin

This company from Berlin offers combined “fashionable elegance with proverbial quality and functionality”. It has many positive reviews online, making it a promising option for clothing. The creators claim to have innovative design and to manufacture clothes for all wheelchair users. Rollitex highlights the durability and quality of their pieces. There are items for both men and women.

Do you have any experience with the above brands or do you have more adaptive clothing brands to share? Let us know here!

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