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The Forum offers you the possibility to share your thoughts and discuss your experiences with other Community members or simply ask a question. You can also just follow ongoing discussions, or answer questions from other members.

A few tips:

  • First, check if you can find your topic in the Forum. Maybe you can just join an ongoing conversation rather than starting a new one.
  • Try to find a self-explanatory title, so others can find your post and understand what it’s about.

The Wiki is a collection of articles with useful information about spinal cord injury – so basically a knowledge database. Here we systematically gather facts and figures and make them available for all users and members in this Community.

Your rank virtually describes your status in this Community. Each rank is based on a combination of your activities within the Community. Or simply put: the more you engage in discussions, ask questions and help other users, the higher you will rank.

Badges, similar to ranks, are awarded based on your level of activities in the Community. The type of activity is decisive: each badge you receive gives you a hint why you deserve it. Check yours and other members’ profiles to see the earned badges. This way, you can also guess what strengths they might have.