What is a bladder stimulator?

A bladder stimulator is an implant with which the nerves of the bladder and bowel can be stimulated directly, enabling the bladder and bowel to be emptied. It can only be used on people with a complete spinal cord injury and spastic cystoparalysis.

How does a bladder stimulator work?

Signals are sent externally to an implanted receiver (D) using a controller...

Erectile dysfunction

Men with spinal cord injury (SCI) may experience erection problems, also known as “erectile dysfunction”. This is the case if it becomes permanently impossible to have an erection that lasts long enough to have sexual intercourse. It depends on the level of SCI and whether it is a complete or incomplete SCI. In general, however, the higher the level of SCI, the greater...


A comprehensively designed living space is a fundamental need and it influences the individual's quality of life immensely. In order to be independent, it is essential that structural barriers are removed and avoided for persons with spinal cord injury (SCI).


The first step towards eliminating structural barriers for persons with SCI is an on-site evaluation of the living...

Coughing up secretion is very important to enable you to breathe freely. Coughing is a protective reflex for cleaning the respiratory tract since it loosens the mucous which can then be transported out of the airways.

Coughing requires abdominal and rib muscles. For people with spinal cord injury, these muscles may be impaired depending on the diagnosis, the type of paralysis and the...

Body & Complications

Structure of the spinal column and nervous system

The nervous system consists of a central, a peripheral and a vegetative part. The central nervous system consists of the brain and spinal cord. The nervous system is used for the acquisition, processing, storage and dissemination of information. Together with the hormone systems, it controls the...

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Bladder & Bowel

Bladder paralysis

Normal bladder function

If the bladder is empty, the bladder muscle (detrusor) relaxes and the sphincter contracts – the bladder is shut.

The nerves connected to the bladder wall register the bladder stretching, and as it fills, they carry a message to the brain. During urination, the...

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Daily Life & Mobility

ParaHelp – experience and competence for you at home

ParaHelp specialises in advice and care for patients with spinal cord injuries, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), or spina bifida. Together with the patients themselves, their relatives and experts, we develop individual solutions to the challenges of everyday life. We help to prevent...

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Health & Sexuality

Spinal cord injury as a critical life event

The occurrence of a spinal cord injury, whether caused by an accident, illness or medical intervention, is unforeseeable and usually happens very quickly. It is like a turning point in life and nothing seems the same afterwards. Many things that used to be familiar, safe and controllable are no...

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