Principles – Vertebral physiology

The pelvis is the foundation for the spine. The spine can only be brought into a natural posture if the pelvis is in an upright position. The pelvis, spine, line of sight and balance are interrelated and affect each other.

Natural seating position

How the seating position affects everyday activities

The seating position affects all everyday activities...

Definition of pain

Pain is a complex sensation similar to a feeling. Pain is always subjective; it cannot be measured or proven and also not rebutted. Since the 1970s there has been an official definition by the International Association for the Study of Pain which applies for acute and also for chronic pain:

"Pain is an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or...

The objective of a healthy diet is not only to ensure you get the nutrients you need, but also to provide delicious food that you enjoy eating and that improves the quality of your life.

During the different rehabilitation and life phases of a person with a spinal cord injury, it is important to avoid a poor diet and the complications that this leads to. As dietary requirements are individual...

Flatulence is a common problem. Is it a problem for you too? People with spinal cord injuries are frequently affected due to a disorder in bowel functions.

Flatulence caused by nutrition

Flatulence can occur right after eating and be caused by the following foods, among others:

  • Cabbage
  • Herbs
  • Onions and other bulbous plants
  • High-fibre foods
  • High-sugar foods

Flatulence problems as...

Body & Complications

Structure of the spinal column and nervous system

The nervous system consists of a central, a peripheral and a vegetative part. The central nervous system consists of the brain and spinal cord. The nervous system is used for the acquisition, processing, storage and dissemination of information. Together with the hormone systems, it controls the...

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Bladder & Bowel

Bladder paralysis

Normal bladder function

If the bladder is empty, the bladder muscle (detrusor) relaxes and the sphincter contracts – the bladder is shut.

The nerves connected to the bladder wall register the bladder stretching, and as it fills, they carry a message to the brain. During urination, the...

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Daily Life & Mobility

Personal care and clothing

Particular aspects of the skin in people with spinal cord injury (SCI)

The skin of the disabled body parts is more likely to dry out since the innervation1 of the skin glands does not function properly. Temperature-regulating perspiration is only possible above the paralysis level, although...

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Health & Sexuality

Spinal cord injury as a critical life event

The occurrence of a spinal cord injury, whether caused by an accident, illness or medical intervention, is unforeseeable and usually happens very quickly. It is like a turning point in life and nothing seems the same afterwards. Many things that used to be familiar, safe and controllable are no...

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