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The Innovative Standing Wheelchair

A wheelchair that allows you to stand, sit, and roll with it, not one at a time but at the same time!

A wheelchair that allows you to stand, sit, and roll with it, not one at a time but at the same time!

Who hasn’t dreamed about new, fun and useful gadgets? With the effort of scientists and research teams around the world, many of these dreams have proceeded further to become reality.

Concept from a caterpillar: Scewo – a wheelchair developed by ETH Zürich and Zurich University of Arts allows wheelchair users to climb the stair with a built-in conveyor belt. Photo source:

One of the Community members mentioned earlier in our Forum about “Scewo” – a stair climbing electric wheelchair (it’s not a dream anymore! An interdisciplinary team of students in Zurich has made it happen and the Scewo wheelchair is estimated to be produced in numbers by the end of 2018. Read more here: Today, however, we look at a different yet one of a kind wheelchair: a standing wheelchair!

One of the latest wheelchair invention: the manual standing wheelchair by the Center for Bionic Medicine. Photo source: screenshot via YouTube.

This manual standing wheelchair is developed by the Center for Bionic Medicine (CBM) at Chicago, the United States. It is one of the first manual wheelchairs which allows users to move around in either a seated or standing position. What makes this wheelchair different from the existing ones in the market is that users’ mobility is not restricted by the positions, i.e. you don’t have to return to a certain posture (for example, a sitting position) before you can move around with your wheelchair. Researchers believe that enabling wheelchair users to stand offers great advantages to users’ quality of life as they gain more independence, have better interaction and integration with the society, and thus possibly more recruitment and recreation opportunities.

To learn more about this innovative standing wheelchair and watch video demonstrations, you may visit its official website at or its media coverage at WGN-TV:

Can you imagine yourself in this wheelchair? Is it something that you’ve dreamt about? Share with us here in the Community!

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