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May I Introduce Myself? Johannes, Community Manager

The people behind the Community present themselves. Today: Johannes, the Community Manager.

The people behind the Community present themselves. Today: Johannes, the Community Manager.

Hello Community!

My name is Johannes, I‘m your Community Manager. But what does a Community Manager do? My job is for example to make sure that new, interesting and correct contents are published in four different languages on Wiki and on the blog on a regular basis. I also make sure that there are no technical problems regarding the Community. And I‘m responsible for making the Community better and bigger, so that more people can get in contact with each other.

To achieve this, I closely cooperate with the moderators. They ensure that the forum works properly, that all users follow the rules and that everybody receives a helpful response. The moderators and blog authors will also introduce themselves here very soon – so you know whom you will be dealing with ;)

Like most members of the Community team, I work for Swiss Paraplegic Research. And like most of the others, I knew very little about spinal cord injuries before. For the past four years, I‘ve been managing paraforum, which is the predecessor of this Community. In doing this, I’ve gained experience and learnt a lot about the topic – interesting, sad, exciting and beautiful things. I‘m looking forward to managing this Community! I‘m convinced it will be useful for many persons affected by SCI. And there‘s nothing better than working for a good cause!

About myself: I‘m 32 years old, come from Munich and I‘ve been living in Switzerland for almost six years now. In my spare time, I like to play soccer in a soccer club; I play tennis or explore the beautiful Swiss scenery with my racing bike. But at the moment, I do not have much time for that, because my first child was born three months ago – so my new hobbies are baby rattles and diapers ;)

I wish you all a lively exchange in the Community!

See you soon!


[translation from the original German blog post]

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