Check out this witty BBC short film!

“What happened to you?”

“You’re so brave!”

“Do you work?”

“You’re an inspiration.”

“Can you have sex?”

“Don’t rush there, you might get a speeding ticket!”

Probably every wheelchair user has encountered a situation where he or she has heard inappropriate questions, patronizing assumptions or insulting quips like these. Mostly driven by the lacking knowledge of the surrounding social environment, wheelchair users often face stigmatizing and uncomfortable situations way more than able-bodied persons.

Check out this witty short film “Things not to say to someone who uses a wheelchair” by BBC Three. Several wheelchair users humorously react to weird, rude and degrading questions or statements that non-disabled people usually ask people in a wheelchair, and recall their own experiences with such situations.

What are your experiences? What is the rudest, weirdest question or statement you’ve ever heard?And what do you think would help to improve disability awareness concerning wheelchair users and reduce stigmas and inappropriate statements like these?


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