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With one jolt up the mountain – a trip to the Chäserrugg

A sensual experience

A sensual experience

Everyone who has travelled from Zurich towards Chur has also seen the mountain Chäserrugg. You may, however, not have perceived it knowingly. Coming from Zurich, it is the last of the seven Churfirsten. They form the impressive mountain range along the north shore of the Lake Walensee. The railway and freeway are located on the opposite side along the lake’s south shore.

Each mountain of the Churfirsten mountain range can be accessed via a trail but only the Chäserrugg with an elevation of 2262 meters can be reached by cable car. It brings you to the mountain station. The star architects Herzog & de Meuron from the city of Basel re-built this station in 2015. The station, as all the other buildings designed by them, features something special that you would not normally find in other buildings. Its shape and functionality are perfectly synchronized and thus provide the timber-paneled functional building with a distinctive identity that integrates itself perfectly into the mountain scenery.

The trip starts in the holiday resort of Unterwasser which is part of the picturesque town of Toggenburg. First you take the romantic funicular railway to Iltios, a beautiful alp located midway and then continue by cable car to the Chäserrugg. During this whole trip there is not one step to overcome. Once you reach the top, a panoramic view awaits you: To the North past the mountain Säntis far into Germany, to the South the Glarus Alps and to the Southeast you can see the all the way to the Grison Alps. Deep down in dizzying depths lies the Walensee.

It is most likely this view and the seemingly endless width that most visitors are looking for on top of the impressive Chäserrugg. The distinctive architecture is experienced as a pleasant bonus, however, as you know, all good things go by three: The food at the restaurant is way better than we would usually expect at a mountain cabin. Charming staff serves you amazingly prepared food and exquisite drinks at very reasonable prices. 

A trip to the Chäserrugg is a sensual experience in every respect. However, especially in the fall since the air cools down and the view becomes even clearer.


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