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2396 claudia.zanini 2018-06-22
Handbiking together in the Geneva area?
Thank you also very much for your thoughtful offer to participate. Actually, in the current project, we already have our data collected, but it is...
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1666 Johannes 2019-06-23
Reminder: Migrating to the new Community interface
Hello,all the best for your research! I am very curious to hear ometv chatroulette chat avenue about the results once they are being published....
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1871 Julia 2018-12-24
Merry Christmas
The Community Team wishes you all a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year full of love and happiness! Thank you for making this Community such...
5578 odyssita 2017-10-01
Explaining what life with a chronic disability is like
Hi cAro, all the best for your research! I am very curious to hear about the results once they are being published. Thank you for researching...
6 odyssita 2018-05-02
3150 odyssita 2017-10-01
How to approach the unknown questions in medicine
Hi there, I wanted to share a TED talk with you which I watched a while ago and which I find excellent. I myself am a bit of a complex case, and...
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2097 Johannes 2018-11-01
Spinal-cord stimulation allows three paralyzed men to walk with assistance
Dear Community "The results, published in Nature and Nature Neuroscience today, are dramatic. All three patients recovered some degree of...
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5533 Wheelie 2017-06-06
Good news for all who would like to try out the Scewo by themselves: according the Scewo constructors, the feedback on their invention was so...
5 Johannes 2018-03-12
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