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Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones with Disabilities

Are you all set for the holiday season? Still looking for unconventional gifts to add some extra fun for your loved ones in wheelchair? Then read on!

The British accessibility consultant Emily Yates has recently shared in this article her favorite adaptive tools for sex life enhancement. Two of them are the Axis Electrastim and the Liberator Wedge and Ramp Combo, which she described as great sex tools for people with spinal cord injuries.

If you find sex toys too intimate to give away, you can read these gift ideas shared by disability advocate Andrew Pulrang:

  • adaptive tools such as smart home devices which enhance one’s independence,
  • your unconditional time and effort for a fixed period of time – no matter how independent one wants to be, nobody would mind being pampered once in a while 😉, and
  • subscriptions like grocery and restaurant delivery services, which are ever handier during the pandemic.

Finally, here’re some tricks on how to wrap gifts that are easy to open. Although they are meant for kids, the first trick would be particularly helpful for people with limited hand mobility:

Happy holidays, everyone! 😊

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