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Mike Nemesvary's "Round the World Challenge" in Switzerland

Canadian Mike Nemesvary was a top freestyle skier with numerous titles to his name. He even appeared in the opening credits of a James Bond movie. Then a trampoline accident left him quadriplegic.

20 years ago, Mike was the first quadriplegic to travel around the world. For his "Round the World Challenge", he travelled to 20 countries, over 40,000 kilometers, in 219 days. He wanted to show the world what is possible, and at the same time, he raised money for spinal cord research. During his tour, he also came to Switzerland.

Now, 20 years later, Mike is returning to all the places he visited in 2001, this time virtually. Again, Mike is raising money and awareness for people with disabilities. More about the incredible project and his "visit" to Switzerland in this video:

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