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The new and superb Swiss made OT FOXX racing wheelchair

“Can we build the fastest and best racing wheelchair in the world?” Stefan Dürger, Managing Director of Orthotec, asked his workshop colleagues on a beautiful summer day in 2017. “We can, but not alone,” thought the team.

Four years later, two new racing wheelchairs, the OT FOXX M1 and P1 have been created out of Stefan’s visionary idea. They are the first racing wheelchairs manufactured entirely in Switzerland, masterpieces of joint efforts and cutting-edge technology:

  • Sauber Group (experts in engineering & aerodynamics)
  • Swiss Side (professional in wheel development & aerodynamics)
  • ETH Zurich (support in measuring technology)
  • Orthotec, and
  • Swiss Paraplegic Research, two subsidiaries of Swiss Paraplegic Foundation.

The collaboration with wheelchair athletes Marcel Hug and Patricia Eachus was also crucial for the development of OT FOXX M1 and P1. They tested the wheelchairs throughout the process and helped the engineers and technicians understand the user's needs. Marcel Hug will compete with this innovative Swiss model for the first time at the Paralympic Games in Tokyo.

Nonetheless, athletes are not the only ones to benefit from the innovations arising in this project. A novel and extremely quick measurement method for the optimal sitting position in a wheelchair has also been developed. Being able to determine the optimal seating position quickly will help minimize the strain and deterioration of users’ shoulder joints due to everyday use of the wheelchair.

Find out more about the OT FOXX:

marcel hug mit dem ot foxx im windkanal

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