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The world’s first MSc program in disability, design and innovation

Disability innovation is more than just a good idea. We’ve heard enough stories how disability innovations can go wrong with unrealistic expectations and insufficient market research. This needs to be changed and a world-class university in U.K. is on the mission.

In September 2020, University College London will launch the first cohort of MSc Disability, Design and Innovation program. During the one-year program, students will learn what disability is, how design decisions play a significant role to people with disabilities, and how to design and tackle complex challenges of disability. They will learn to take into account inclusion and diversity, the current disability legislation, policy and guidance used in the global industry for their design.

The program is for individuals with the ambition to take on the global challenges of disability innovation. Three Snowdon Masters Scholarships are also reserved for exceptional students with disabilities accepted into the program. Application for the first cohort opens til 10 July 2020, and you may find out more here.

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