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Bedridden, working as a waiter from home

As the science of artificial intelligence continues to advance, robots have increasingly becoming part of our lives. Nowadays it is rather common to use robots as caregivers or pets for the elderly and people with disabilities.

While robots have continuously shown their potential to improve people’s quality of life, many people question whether they will take over our jobs one day and leave us unemployed. Recently in Japan, the opposite happens: robots offer new job opportunities for people with disabilities.

Nagahiro, a man in Japan who is bedridden because of spinal muscular atrophy, is employed by a restaurant. Not only that, thanks to the avatar robot, he can work as a waiter from home.

Nagahiro’s new life has not only cheered him up but it is also an inspiration for a computer game, which Nagahiro helped promote, again with the help of an avatar robot, at a comic market.

Maybe Nagahiro’s story can be an inspiration for employers of other business sectors as well?

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