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Rolling Ever After with Nick & Anthi

At the Community, we love to hear your stories! Recently, we learnt from the wife of a patient from the Swiss Paraplegic Centre about their exciting project: a YouTube channel called "Rolling Ever After with Nick & Anthi".

Nick and Anthi from Greece started the YouTube channel in May this year to document their journey as an interabled couple. Usually every Friday, they share a new video showing Nick's new life, his progresses and difficulties, (almost) always with striking good mood! In fact, their goal of their video channel is to spread awareness about tetraplegia and positivity.

The videos talk about experiences like Nick's hand function surgery, his first time at the beach again and Nick surprising Anthi for her birthday. They also show practical issues, like how it works to fly as a wheelchair user. Until now, they have uploaded 18 videos and we hope there are many more to come!

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