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Venice builds ramps to become more wheelchair-accessible

Two years ago, our Community member Silvia shared with us (in German) her and her husband’s travel experience with a wheelchair through Venice. She described that the city is more accessible than one would expect. She even found city maps with the wheelchair-accessible routes which she shared in her post.

On the other hand, there are still many parts of the city that are not accessible or very difficult to reach. According to this report by CNN, British sculptor Tony Heaton, who is often in the city for work, called the current situation an "access nightmare".

To improve its accessibility, Venice has announced a €900,000 plan for building six ramps at heavily trafficked parts of the city, including four on the route from Piazzale Roma (the gateway to the Italian mainland) to iconic St. Mark’s Square. The ramps would make Venice wheelchair accessible for the first time in its history.

In addition to the new ramps, the project will replace temporary ramps, which are built for the annual marathon, with permanent ones made with materials of better quality, which guarantees better accessibility, appearance and no noise. After the construction tender is confirmed, the completion of the ramps is planned within months. 

Venice is a city with strict rules around changing its cultural heritage. If they succeed, they will set a good example to the world: there’s no more excuse to make places accessible!

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