Swiss Paraplegic Research in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO) has developed a unique report with the title “International perspectives on spinal cord injury” (IPSCI). The report has already been published in English and now recently also in German, French and Spanish. It can be downloaded in the various languages at The summary of the report in English is attached to this article.

For the first time WHO has devoted a whole report to the concerns of people with spinal cord injury. On more than 200 pages, the report presents information on spinal cord injury with a focus on epidemiology, services, interventions and important policies, as well as on the lived experience of people with spinal cord injury across the life course and throughout the world. Each chapter is introduced with statements of people with spinal cord injury which form a concrete and realistic connection between the topics following thereafter. The end of each chapter gives recommendations for measures that are based on scientific evidence and that are aligned with the goals integration and participation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD).

Front page of the first WHO report on spinal cord injury

Recently the British Medical Association elected the IPSCI report as one of the most recommended books in the category “public health” for 2014 – see the attached media release.

“This report has potential to change lives and open doors. I urge the world's policy-makers to pay attention to its findings.”
Dr. Margaret Chan, WHO Director General

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