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The Tour to the Moscow Kremlin

Hello to everyone,

To begin with, I am native Russian and I have a big interest to share with you an article recently posted on the Russian forum and devoted to the visit of the Moscow Kremlin by a group of people with disabilities. This article was translated from Russian to English with permission from the author.

How could you visit the capital of Russia without visiting the Moscow Kremlin?

One may absolutely say that even for locals of Moscow a visit to the Kremlin is an intriguing and memorable event. Yet, in combination with an interesting and informative tour, one may have a story to tell friends and acquaintances afterwards.

The author of the article himself has checked the site of Moscow Kremlin for accessibility and inclusion.

The construction of the Kremlin was started under Ivan Kalita on Borovitsky Hill on the left bank of Moscow River in the early 14th century. Today, the Kremlin serves as the largest ancient fortress in Russia and Europe.

The overall length of the existing Kremlin walls is 2'235 m, which forms an irregular triangle. Along the walls there are 20 towers, the highest one of which is Troitskaya tower that has a height of 80 m including the star on top.

The Kremlin walls were originally made from white stones and even when the walls were replaced by red bricks, they were painted white for nearly four centuries. The reasons behind the white Kremlin were not only the fashion and the tradition to paint walls white for important events, but also the security of the bricks and camouflage during the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945).

During the tour you can also see the Tsar cannon - the mortar of the biggest calibre of 890 mm is included in the Guinness Book of Records.

You can also see the Tsar Bell with height and diameter of more than 6 meters cast in 1735.

These and many other interesting sights and historical facts you learn from the tour of the Moscow Kremlin.

Today all temples and other buildings that are in the territory of the Kremlin are conditionally available for visitors with limited mobility.

Physically challenged visitors are able to get inside with the help of friends or volunteers that can be found at the website .

Doubtless, you will have an unforgettable few hours of walking to the Kremlin and the Alexander Garden.

The duration of the tour is around 2 hours. And, the tour for the stronger ones can continue with a walk around the Red Square.


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