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User-friendly – interactive – universal.

User-friendly – interactive – universal.

Everyone navigates easily, everyone is able to exchange their thoughts, and it works on every device: This is our new, sleek and multi-lingual Community.

The Community is open to everyone. Everyone is us. We are everyone who is in one way or other dealing with the consequences of a spinal cord injury (SCI) or disorder of the spinal cord. Either the people directly affected, their families, caregivers, friends or otherwise interested people. 

We all share a common topic of exchange – the damaged spinal cord. This defective cord connects us. Other than that, we are scattered all over the place, have different backgrounds and follow different interests and life plans. We all could not be more different and yet, we find ourselves again and again at the same spot: the eternal point of concern within the spinal cord.

Its consequences unite us. On our Community, we therefore follow common goals. We share important information, we exchange views, we seek contact and talk about everything that may somehow be of interest: from medical needs and spiritual distress to questions about the way of living to beautiful or less beautiful experiences in the lived day-to-day life, at work or the sports field.

Our experiences collected over the years form the treasure chest which we can comfortably access through this Community. The more we all contribute to this treasure chest, the more we can pull out of it. Our treasure chest rewards us every day again - if we only use it. On our Community with its treasure chest, we can even pursue a career. How this works is quasi self-explanatory. It is user-friendly, interactive and universal. Enjoy!

[translation from the original German blog post]

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