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Fritz, our Swiss Blog Author

Fritz Vischer introduces himself to the Community.

Fritz Vischer introduces himself to the Community.

Writing is one of my passions. On the Community I therefore feel passionately comfortable. My favourite topics are questions about philosophy of life. They result from a traumatic spinal cord injury that occurred to me in 1977.  

At the major bank, where I was employed until the summer of 2006, I wrote technical and marketing texts about the world of financial markets and its instruments. I have continued my work as freelance copywriter on a small scale. I also edit and proofread economic and medical texts.  

I am, however, also interested in philosophy, history and politics.

I have always been very fond of flamenco and blues rock. With increasing age, I happen to like these music genres even more. More highlights to come: Born in 1954, I am still quite young! My wife has taken part in this joy since 1977, when she was working as an intern of Occupational Therapy at Swiss Paraplegic Centre.

This Community is an inspirational forum. This is where I take pleasure in playing with my thoughts. This is where I share experiences but also my sorrows and often the response comes fast. This feels good and motivates me.

[translation from the original German blog post]

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