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Kit Wan, our Blogger from Hong Kong

Our English blog author introduces herself to the Community.

Our English blog author introduces herself to the Community.

Hello, Community members! I’m Kit Wan, the English blog author for the Community. Born and raised in Hong Kong, I moved to Switzerland in September 2014. I did my second Master’s Degree in Health Sciences at the University of Lucerne majoring in Health Communication. During my studies, I had my internship at Swiss Paraplegic Research and that’s when I first worked with the subject of spinal cord injury. I am interested in languages and culture and I also like writing.

If you have visited Paraforum (the Community’s predecessor) before, you would probably have noticed English articles on the topic of disability written by me. I’ve joined Swiss Paraplegic Research again since September 2016 as a Scientific Assistant and now I’m taking the official role as the Community’s English blog author, sharing international news, stories and my views on spinal cord injury and disabilities in general. I hope you enjoy the Community, get inspirations and have good experiences here!

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