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Commerce with wheelchair users?

These promotional wheelchair videos will warm your hearts. Maybe.

These promotional wheelchair videos will warm your hearts. Maybe.

We have previously shown you some internet videos and shows starring wheelchair users. From topics such as TED Talks on disability and the online video series My Gimpy Life to YouTubers with spinal cord injury, from the representation of motor disabilities in movies and TV shows to things you should not say to wheelchair users, many different topics have already been covered. Today our findings are promotional clips with – guess what :smileywink: – wheelchair users.

Let’s start with a clip that some of you might already know: the Guinness-basketball clip.

Many know how important friends are. Only few know that, as a wheelchair user, you literally have a different point of view and you do appreciate true friendship even more. Too often it turns out who your true friends are, that will stand by your side, only after a tragic event has happened. This clip captures exactly what is important: to adapt to a new situation together and let it become normality. But see for yourselves:

The second promotional clip is even a bit longer and more emotional. It’s about a dog named Chance who is left behind on the side of the road after a tragic accident because he was considered dead. Chance was rescued, however, since his accident he is dependent on a wheelchair as walking aid. His dad is also in a wheelchair and this is the beginning of a touching story of two best friends that understand each other’s situation better than anyone else ever could. Watch it and keep the Kleenex (!) handy :smileywink:

Truly heartwarming, isn’t it? We all had to shed a tear or two when we were watching the video for the first time. Coincidentally, our love for animals has just been discussed in the Forum – thank you to all who have contributed.

If you know further (promotional) videos that feature wheelchair users, please feel free to post in the comments section below.

No matter how well such videos are done – they always pose the question whether they use people’s fate to make money. Is the goal of such videos of purely commercial nature to make them stand out? Or do the media and advertising industry thus draw attention to wheelchair users in a good way? What do you think?

[translation from the original German blog post]

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