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The 2021 Disability Power 100

Recently, Shaw Trust, a British charity for the disabled and disadvantaged people, has announced the Disability Power 100 for 2021.

Established in 2018, the Disability Power 100 list is announced annually to celebrate Britain’s most influential people with disabilities. This year Shaw Trust received more than 550 nominations for the list, and The Valuable 500 was chosen as the winner in 2021 - the first organization in the history of Disability Power 100 to have won the top spot.

The Valuable 500 is a team running the campaign to gather 500 national and multinational companies and leaders who are committed to disability inclusion. Also recognized in this year’s Disability Power 100 are:

  • Amy Kavanagh: freelancer and disability consultant who started the #JustAskDontGrab hashtag which raises awareness of acceptable approaches to help people with disabilities.
  • Emily Rose Yates: accessibility consultant and journalist who frequently presents and writes on disability issues, including documentaries for BBC Three.
  • Samantha Renke: disability spokesperson, journalist and media influencer who is an online columnist for the Metro, UK’s tabloid, in which she actively promotes awareness of disability issues.
Want to learn more about the Disability Power 100 from other categories such as “Politics & Law”, “Science” and “Sport”? Check out their official website here.

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