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Hi,my name is Marco and I have a C4-C5 SCI.On the 20th of April I received an operation in St. Gallen to remove some of the scar tissue of injury to reduce the spasmi, the doctors told me i would feel a change in perception within the first months, b...
Hi,I'm now going on to 5 months post my SCI. Maybe I'm just impatient but I need to get some advise. Here comes my story... December I had a motocross injury and fractured my spine in 2 places, T6 & T8.I was discharged beginning February. Just b...
Dear Community Users, As announced in this blog post, the migration to the new community interface is happening shortly. Therefore the Community will be on “stand-by” mode for a few days starting tomorrow, June 25th – i.e. you can continue to acc...
The Community Team wishes you all a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year full of love and happiness! Thank you for making this Community such a wonderful place! Best wishes and happy holidays, Julia on behalf of the Community Team [video]94...
Dear Community "The results, published in Nature and Nature Neuroscience today, are dramatic. All three patients recovered some degree of walking ability, and their progress in physical-therapy sessions has translated to improved mobility in t...
Damit Du die Community und die Funktionalitäten der neuen Plattform etwas besser kennenlernst, stellen wir Dir ein paar kleine Aufgaben. Challenge 1: Lade ein Profilbild hoch. Findest Du Dich gut zurecht in der Community? Hast Du schon die verschie...
Johannes Community Manager
Hello everyone! I met a person with SCI who works in Geneva for a few months. She speaks perfectly English and Spanish and would like to meet someone to go handbiking together in the Geneva area. Would you like some company for your handbike rides...
claudia.zanini Community Manager
Hi there, it's not always easy to explain what it's like to live with a chronic disability. A while ago, I found two analogies which find a way of explaining and which I'd like to share with you.  The "Gorilla in your house" analogy The ...
Dear all I recently came across a stair climbing electric wheelchair. In their videos and advertisement the product looks awesome. Did anyboy here allready test the Scewo or see it at an exebition?? Or does anybody here have expe...
Vorremmo che tu conoscessi un po’ meglio le funzionalità della nuova piattaforma  e soprattutto gli altri membri. Per questo ti sfidiamo con alcuni piccoli compiti. Sfida 2: racconta di te nel tuo profilo. Se hai già completato la prima sfida, allo...
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Per conoscere un po’ meglio la Community e le funzionalità della nuova piattaforma, ti proponiamo alcuni piccoli compiti. Sfida 1: carica una tua immagine del profilo. Ti trovi in sintonia con la Community? Hai già provato le diverse funzioni? In c...
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Hi there, I wanted to share a TED talk with you which I watched a while ago and which I find excellent. I myself am a bit of a complex case, and when doctors get in touch with my case, there is always a lot of insecurity and unknown. Doctors' reacti...
In order for you to get to know the Community and its functionalities, we give you a few tiny tasks to fulfill. Challenge 1: upload a profile image. Do you find your way in the Community? Have you checked out the different things you can do here? I...
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Hai mai scritto un post? Prova. Il nostro Forum offre la possibilità di scrivere sui temi più diversi. Questa Community offre molte possibilità di entrare in contatto con altre persone interessanti. Persone la cui vita è in qualche modo legata a un...
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Afin que vous compreniez et connaissiez bien toutes les fonctionnalités de cette communauté, nous vous donnons de petites tâches à accomplir. Challenge 1 : téléchargez une photo de profil. Est-ce que vous trouvez facilement votre chemin dans la com...
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Nous souhaitons que vous appreniez à bien connaître la communauté ainsi que les autres membres. C’est pourquoi nous vous challengeons avec des petites tâches. Challenge 2 : écrivez quelque chose à votre sujet dans la biographie de votre profil. Si ...
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We want you to get to know the Community – and especially other members. That’s why we’re challenging you with another small task. Challenge 2: Write something about yourself on your profile page. If you’ve already managed to master our first chall...
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Wir möchten, dass Du die Funktionalitäten der neuen Plattform – und vor allem die anderen Mitglieder – etwas besser kennenlernst. Deshalb stellen wir Dir ein paar kleine Aufgaben. Challenge 2: Schreibe einen persönlichen Text zu Deinem Profil. Wenn...
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Avez-vous déjà écrit votre première publication sur la communauté ? Essayez ! Notre Forum est constitué de différentes sections où vous pouvez partager vos pensées et expériences. Cette communauté offre différents moyens d’engagement avec des gens ...
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Have you already written your first post? Try it! Our Community’s Forum consists of various discussion boards you can use to share your thoughts and experiences. The Community offers many different ways of engaging with interesting people - people ...
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Hast Du schon einen Beitrag verfasst? Probier’s aus. Unser Forum bietet Dir die Möglichkeit, zu verschiedensten Themen etwas zu schreiben. Diese Community bietet viele Möglichkeiten, mit anderen interessanten Menschen in Kontakt zu treten. Menschen...
Johannes Community Manager
Benvenuto nella nostra Community online! Qui trovi ascolto, scambio, suggerimenti e consigli da persone nella tua stessa situazione. Persone che vivono con una lesione midollare, familiari e amici. Perché esiste questa Community Sia che tu ti muova...
Johannes Community Manager

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Explaining what life with a chronic disability is like
Hi cAro, all the best for your research! I am very curious to hear about the results once they are being published. Thank you for researching this...
6 odyssita 2018-05-02
4391 Wheelie
Good news for all who would like to try out the Scewo by themselves: according the Scewo constructors, the feedback on their invention was so...
5 Johannes 2018-03-12
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Anatomy and physiology of respiration
Breathing is the most normal thing in the world for us. We hardly think about it, even though we breathe in and out about 20,000 times per day. We breathe more when we are active and exerting ourselves, and we breathe less when we are...
What are contractures and how do they develop? Contractures are shortenings of muscles, tendons or ligaments that have a limiting effect on the movements of the joints. The normal ability to move a joint is lost. Contractures are frequently...
In some cases, support is needed for cleaning the nasopharyngeal space and keeping it free from secretion. For this purpose, suctioning is performed through the nose and, if necessary, the mouth. This is particularly necessary if the nose cannot be...

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America first: accessible scooter rental service
Sharing is caring. Recently, Oakland has become the first city in the US to offer a e-scooter-sharing service for people with disabilities. Watch here. The new e-scooter-sharing service is provided...
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The car-sharing breakthrough for wheelchair users
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Free Tickets to Swiss Handicap 2019
Swiss Handicap will take place again in Lucerne this year on 29th and 30th November with the theme “work”. Over 100 exhibitors will gather at this unique national trade fair to promote independence...


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